To the Parents...

Lambda Chi Alpha Is A Brotherhood.

As members of Lambda Chi Alpha, we take the bonds of brotherhood very seriously and we constantly look out for one another. The men your son will befriend will be a constant support in his life. They will always help him in his endeavors, both personal and academic. The bonds that your son will build in Lambda Chi Alpha will last a lifetime.

Lambda Chi Alpha Creates Opportunities

If your son chooses to join our organization, he will instantly become connected with a network of diverse brothers. This network will open up job opportunities, community service opportunities, and educational opportunities. At the same time, your son will also learn the skills to thrive in the educational and professional world. Recruiters know that the fraternity experience prepares a man for success. Although fraternity alumni number less than 2% of the population, they make up 52% of the U.S. Senate, 33% of the House of Representatives, and 75% of the top executives of the 500 largest business corporations.

There is a common misconception that joining a fraternity is akin to buying your friends. The money that every member of Lambda Chi Alpha puts into the chapter improves our ability to host both philanthropic events and events that promote school spirit. Additionally, funding is allocated to recruiting new members and promoting Greek unity. Every organization must collect funds to function, and Lambda Chi Alpha is no exception. Every penny spent will help create opportunities that every member, your son included, can enjoy.

Lambda Chi Alpha Inspires Personal Growth

Lambda Chi Alpha will give your son the chance to learn the value of teamwork, to develop his leadership skills, and to expand his sense of responsibility. Joining will allow your son to fine-tune professional skills such as organization, follow-through, and public speaking. Lambda Chi Alpha provides the opportunity to learn from the advice and experiences of older brothers and alumni. There are few experiences that better equip a young man to tackle life's challenges head on.

Lambda Chi Alpha requires all members to pursue and maintain a high level of academic acheivement. In our fraternity, your son can seek advice and tutoring from older brothers who know the courses and the professors.


What does a fraternity do?

A fraternity is a home-away-from-home. It is a place where your son can live, grow, develop virtues and characteristics you can be proud of while being around a group of men that genuinely care about his well being. A fraternity prepares your son for life after college by introducing him to concepts of leadership and responsibility while maturing him socially and emotionally. Together with his fraternity brothers he will plan philanthropic and social events while simultaneously participating in campus activities and sports.

Are his grades going to be affected?

The simple answer is yes, but not in a negative way! Here at Lambda Chi Alpha, we only accept members that meet our minimum GPA requirements. Also, our new member cumulative GPA is at 3.26. How is this possible? Scholarship is an extremely important value to us, and we have people in several majors who are always willing to help a brother out when the need is there. We hold members accountable for their grades and encourage everyone to do as good as possible. Think about it this way: It can be an incredible challenge for your son to learn how to balance time living on his own, adjusting to his new social life, and finding resources to succeed in his studies. The fraternity helps in the transition phase and provides those resources.

What's so special about Lambda Chi?

No hazing, no pledges! Lambda Chi Alpha has a strict policy on hazing that we abide with pride here at our Bowling Green State University chapter. Furthermore, he will not have to do any special tasks or stunts in order to join. We have an associate member program that replaces the usual "pledging" routine. Your son, from the day he accepts his bid, can hold office, attend chapter meetings, and is afforded many of the same rights and privileges that an active member enjoys.

How does my son join?

In order to make sure that your son will connect with his fraternity brothers, he should try to meet as many of them as possible before he joins. Lambda Chi Alpha holds many fall recruitment events that he may attend. These events are held locally and include other BGSU students interested in fraternities. Once the brothers get a chance to know him, they will offer him an invitation, also known as a “bid”. To join, he simply accepts the bid. For more information, or to get schedules and locations, please contact our Recruitment Chairmen.

Don't fraternities promote excessive drinking?

Absolutely not. Alcohol abuse is unhealthy and inconsistent with the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha. Every individual member and chapter is expected to uphold federal, state, county, and city laws, as well as university policies regarding the consumption of alcohol.

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